Online 11 Plus Tests

Preparing for the 11 Plus
Unlimited practice tests in all the key areas

Welcome to the Beaconsfield School of Education 11 Plus practice tests portal. Online 11 Plus Tests helps children preparing for their GL Assessment® or CEM 11 Plus test. The portal is one of a range of learning resources the School provides, which also includes 11 Plus taught courses, Mock 11 Plus Test Sessions and 11 Plus books.

There are over 30,000 test questions in the Online 11 Plus Tests and these provide an endless supply of tests. Practising regularly enables children to see where their performance is strongest and where there is need for improvement.

The portal also provides an opportunity for children to familiarise themselves with studying in a virtual environment. This will stand them in good stead when they move up to secondary education.

To generate a new test, select from the tests available: English, Maths, Non-Verbal Reasoning, Vocabulary, Verbal Reasoning and Combined Test. Then select 'Random Selection' from the drop-down menu for a mixed-topic test, or you can choose from the menu of specific topics within each subject area.

After logging in with your unique Username and Password, which we will send to you, select the "Student Tests" link on the menu bar. You will then be able to create a new test, complete a saved test, or review a previously submitted test.

11 Plus The tests are generated randomly every time, so no two practice tests are the same. You can generate a test consisting of either 30 or 50 questions. Children can submit and review completed or part-completed tests, and also save tests they want to finish later.

Submitted tests can be reviewed at any time. You can see which questions were attempted, how many answers were correct, and how long it took to complete or partially complete the test. For many questions, an explanation of the correct answer is provided.

The user interface is designed in a way that it is easy and straightforward to use. If you do have any problems accessing or using Online 11 Plus Tests, you can contact the School for assistance.

11 Plus course and Mock 11 Plus Test Sessions

For pupils in Year 5, Beaconsfield School of Education provides One to One (private tuition) 11 Plus courses for the GL Assessment-style 11 Plus exam. There are two course options - face-to-face or online.

Beaconsfield School of Education also provides Mock 11 Plus Test Sessions for Bucks schools. The GL Assessment-style Mock Test Sessions are held in Beaconsfield in July and August. Each Mock Test Session comprises two multiple-choice Mock 11 Plus Tests, mirroring the real Bucks 11 Plus exam.

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